Early Apple History

Courtesy of Mitch Steele
Corbett, OR

    Apple has been a big part in revolutionizing technology. It all started April 1st 1976 in a garage when two college drop-outs, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs built the first Apple I. The Apple I went on sale for $666.66 and around 200 units where produced. Apple did not fully take off until the release of the Apple II in June of 1977. Apple II was the first personal computer as well as the first massed produced computer by Apple.  The Apple II was in a plastic case and introduced color graphics.

    Apple sold hundreds of thousands of Apple II. But Apple did not want to stop there. They announced the Apple III on May 19th 1980. The Apple III speed was twice as fast as the Apple II and it had twice as much memory. The Apple III was the first apple computer that came with a printer. The Apple III didn’t start off so good there was no cooling fan and the motherboard’s got hot and warped which ended up causing system malfunctions. Apple rebuilt the Apple III and came out with the Apple III Plus. Because of the bad reputation from the Apple III, the Plus only sold 65,000 units, even though it was a fully functional system.
    The Lisa was introduced on January 19th 1983 for $9,995. It was designed for more of a side business. The Lisa was the first personal computer to have a GUI and a mouse. The Lisa has two Apple 5¼” double sided floppy disk drives, also know as the “twiggy.” The Lisa 2 was introduced in January of 1984. They had taken out the twiggy and put in a 3¼” drive. A new faceplate was made for the new drive.
    On January 24th 1984 the Macintosh was introduced. The Macintosh was different from the Lisa, it was much smaller then the large and boxy Lisa. The Macintosh’s 3½” floppy drive storing 400 KB of data which is 25% more then 320 KB 5¼” On September 20th 1989 the Macintosh portable was released. This Macintosh was the first Macintosh to run off of a battery.
     In 1991 the Powerbook 100 is introduced. This is Apples first real laptop. The laptop was originally priced at $2,500, but a year later the price was cut to $1,000 this laptop was easily portable and light weight.
    Apple has drastically changed the face of technology. They have done amazing things. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs both started out in a garage, and now there company is a multi billion dollar corporation. Apple has made some fascinating products.